Tsubasa Chronicles - A Song Of Storm And Fire
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Tsubasa Chronicles -  A Song Of Storm And Fire (ᄊ浦由記)

My, my.

I’ve been gone for quite a while.

Soooo… I started to RP on here, right? Addicting as hell.

Meet Ryan Watson. Yes.

Talk to ya’ll later!


Movie Montage of the Day: YouTuber NKMcDonalds pays tribute to over 80 years of Disney animation with a well-constructed compilation of clips from all 51 film in the august animation studio’s repertoire.

[hellothere444 / marysue.]

Including the song from Dragon Heart at the end was just unfair. This was too amazing.

Thank you for the follow!!

No problem :D Love your page!

maybe you should make a list for me

of everything important in this world

in order of urgency

‘cause I don’t know how to feel